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3:10 To Yuma

11-14 Nov
Yuma, AZ

Host(s): Bass, Kuznicki, Hansen

We will explore the unique town many folks either breeze through or use as a one-night casino dry-camp on their way west or east. Of any populated place in the contiguous United States, Yuma is the sunniest and has the lowest frequency of precipitation (that translates to driest) . . . but it is also the winter garden for the US. The Colorado River crossing was the initial draw to the area and there were, would you believe, steamboats ‘bringing supplies to the town and the quartermaster headquarters.Early Yuma history includes its stint as the AZ Territorial Prison with inmates such as Pearl Hart, a female stage-coach robber . . . but….there’s more to that story!! There will be great meals, challenges, unique venues, contests, and prizes.